The Lost Wells Trilogy - Book Two

Mantle of the World Ruler

An ancient curse broken, a new prophecy foretold, and a grimoire of dark Druidic magic.

Julia and Dom have returned to the cottage, only to discover it’s gone up in flames. With their future uncertain, one thing is clear: the Prophecy is broken. Cassius has disappeared, and they—the Sovereign and the World Ruler—are now faced with a choice. Julia has taken the plunge, but will Dom take up the mantle?

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Discover for yourself why Mantle of the World Ruler won over readers in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category of the 2023 Canadian Book Club Awards, and was was a finalist for the 2023 INDIES Book of the Year Awards (Fantasy), and received a 5-star honorary mention in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards (Fantasy/Romance). Purchase your hardcover or paperback copy of the book via FriesenPress, on Amazon, or wander over to the Where to Buy page to discover which local independent book retailers carry Mantle of the World Ruler.

After a year of unimaginable violence, magic, and an all-consuming love that has followed her through countless incarnations, Julia Harrison has not only come into her own as a magic Bearer—far surpassing those women in her bloodline who came before her—but is about to start down a path that can end in only one of two ways: with her fulfilling her prophesized role as Sovereign, chalice of the World Ruler; or with the death of everyone and everything she holds dear at the hands of Cassius Longinus, The Child of Rome, in his brutal and inexorable quest to finally achieve true immortality.

Mantle of the World Ruler—Book Two of the Lost Wells Trilogy—begins directly after the events of its predecessor, and with it, author Kate Gateley draws the reader right back into the romantic, magical, and often terrifying world of Bearers and Wielders, Knaves and Wraiths, and Domhnall O’Brien, cursed by choice to follow his love through one life after another until they can save each other at last.

With the Sovereign standing tall, the World Ruler too must bear his crown…

…Darkness reigns where light cannot, and from its root, the land will rot.

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February 21, 2023
Darkness reigns where light cannot, and from its root, the land will rot.”

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