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Readers around the world are calling Kate Gateley’s debut novel Tides of the Sovereign “a natural addition to the world of contemporary fantasy.” Continue reading to dive in to reader reviews, upcoming news, events, press, and more pertaining to The Lost Wells Trilogy.

Whistler Independent Book Awards Review

"[Kate] has woven that knowledge and insight into a remarkable story with strong, believable characters, rich situations, palpable feelings, and an uncontrived, fascinating plot that draws the reader across the pages."

The Prairies Book Review

"Feminism remains a domineering theme, with complex subjects of longing, passion, what it means to love truly and wholly, duty, destiny, belonging, lust for power, rebirth, and mortality deftly woven into the affecting narrative."

Kirkus Reviews

"Gateley illuminates this fantasy novel with vibrant descriptions, as when the couple flies through Ireland’s countryside in a classic sports car, or how their mutual attraction is like an 'electrical storm brewing.' A sprawling tale of love and magic with an engaging protagonist."

Blue Ink Review

"...Kate Gateley offers a sprawling journey that melds the everyday tribulations of a university student with a hidden world of magic, reincarnation and mythology... an ambitious undertaking that will appeal to lovers of fantasy, history and romance alike."

Margot H.

“Kate Gateley’s debut novel Tides of the Sovereign is a natural addition to the world of contemporary fantasy. Gateley will instantly transport you to Julia Harrison’s world, where ancient magic looms on the outskirts of modern times. Navigating the grief of her grandmother’s passing while dealing with the complexities of accessing her own magic, Julia begins to feel as though something unstoppable is in motion. When she feels the pull of a past life, she is thrown into a world she has only dreamed about, with the partnership of an ancient Celt to help guide her.”

Will M.

“Get ready to be transfixed and transported into a familiar, richly-woven world of magic in Tides of The Sovereign. This contemporary fantasy novel will sweep away genre enthusiasts and complete newcomers alike as they follow the relatable and resilient protagonist, Julia, on a journey of self-discovery, timeless romance, and sinister foes. The world-building is superb, and readers will be gripped by the layers of intrigue, menace and emotion that unfurl. The magical properties of the realm that Gateley creates begin as a realistic subtlety; it’s intuitive and feminine and wholly credible.”

Pippa J.

“As someone who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, this book made me homesick in the best way. Tides of the Sovereign follows a young woman coming to terms with her magical abilities, learning about the dark, powerful forces behind her everyday life and finding a little (read: a lot) of romance along the way. It is a mystical, funny, sexy adventure that beautifully captures the magic of the West Coast. I felt totally engulfed in the lives of the characters, and it made me look around at the world around me with a bit more wonder and appreciation.”

Alecia B.

“Ever wish you could tap into your inner magic? Me too! Kate Gateley’s book Tides of the Sovereign was the poetic, mystical escape into a world of witches and bearers that I've been waiting for. The lusty, soul-satisfying romance between Julia and Dom didn’t hurt, either. Finally, a story with both hero and heroine in the plot line. This time-bending revival of Celtic folklore and modern quests for a more authentic life is truly worth the read, especially for those ready for a spark of magic.”

Becky F.

“Finally! A strong female character who is actually relatable! Kate Gateley has written a brilliant modern fantasy with a protagonist who doesn’t fit tradition. Grounded writing peppered with humour perfectly balances the intense love story and unexpected plot twists that unfold. I am still trying to figure out how all of this will end! My only disappointment was realizing I had to wait to read the next one!”

Jessie P.

“Tides of the Sovereign is a refreshing and beautifully written adventure. It is unlike anything I have read before. The expansive knowledge base of a breadth of subjects, both otherworldly and currently, is evident and artfully woven throughout the story. Being the first of a trilogy, it is set up very well to lead into the coming books. Dom’s supportive, and yet, fierce love for Julia paired with Julia’s tenacity and fire make them a pair that is hard to let go of. The shared plight that Julia and Dom find themselves in is riveting — I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

"In the exciting fantasy novel Tides of the Sovereign, a prophesied woman with ancestral magic contends with an ancient Roman sorcerer."

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