The Lost Wells Trilogy - Book One

Tides of the Sovereign

A centuries-old rebirth curse, an otherworldly Celtic prince, and an inescapable prophecy.

Follow magic Bearer, Julia Harrison as she embarks on an intuitive quest to unearth her innate abilities, rekindle an ageless romance, and realize her own divine destiny — all while escaping her deadly fate at the hands of Marcus Cassius Longinus, the “Child of Rome.”

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Discover for yourself why Tides of the Sovereign won over readers in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category of the 2022 Canadian Book Club Awards, and was a finalist for the 2022 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Purchase your copy of the book via FriesenPress in hardcover, softcover, or eBook, get the Kindle Edition on Amazon, or grab the audiobook on Audible. Browse the Where to Buy page to find out which local independent book retailers near you carry Tides of the Sovereign.

Thirty-year-old magic Bearer Julia Harrison had never given the notion of past lives or grand destinies any real credence or thought. She has knowledge of magic, and the power she shares with the women of her bloodline. She’s aware of the difference between Druids and Sorcerers, Wielders and Bearers, and so on, but regardless of all of that… her everyday life has always felt quite normal—distinctly unmagical—and never more so than as of late.

With the recent death of her beloved grandmother, Julia finds herself severed from the only sense of place she’d ever known. Grandma Gertie had all but raised her and was easily the strongest connection she’d had to her own magic, and that of the natural world. Without it, she feels lost. Disconnected. Unable to rely on (or even effectively access) her own limited magics in her current emotional state, Julia’s primary focus turns to placing one foot in front of the other as she resumes a linguistics degree that has taken far longer to earn than it should have.

But when a visiting professor arrives on her Vancouver campus—one who brings with him an odd sense of familiarity that’s almost as compelling as his raw Celtic masculinity—Julia knows that her life’s journey is about to change, heading off on an entirely new path. What she could have never predicted, or even dreamed of, was that somehow, they had walked that path together countless times before… each time towards their own inescapable deaths at the hands of Marcus Cassius Longinus, the indomitable “Child of Rome.”

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March 14, 2022
All Bearers are Witches, and all Witches are Wielders, but Wielders may be neither Witches nor Bearers.”

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