The Lost Wells Trilogy - Book Three

Severance of the Sorcerer

A spreading darkness, a final prophecy, and one last chance to live … or die.

Julia and Dom have been forced into hiding following a painful betrayal. Emotions run high as the allies scramble to hide from the dark scourge while coming up with a final plan to defeat the Child of Rome. Unlocking the power of Julia’s Bearing magic has never been so essential, but will it be enough to sever the Sorcerer once and for all?

Severance of the Sorcerer is now available online on FriesenPress and Amazon and will soon be available at select Canadian bookstores.

In his desperate bid to find answers of his own, Cassius Longinus—the ancient Child of Rome—released the killing darkness upon the world. A betrayal by Julia and Dom’s strongest ally and dearest friend, Ronan—who falls into Cassius’ ranks and advances the Sorcerer’s gruesome experiments—leaves the future looking more uncertain than ever for the Sovereign and the World Ruler.  

Now on the run and isolated from their tight group of loyal allies, Julia and Dom must somehow pick up the pieces of their shattered trust, reconnect with their remaining friends, and together work to unravel the mysteries of the Otherworld’s most recent and worrisome portent—all while searching for a new path to end the darkness.


The World Ruler seeks a priceless gift, the Sovereign’s legacy as foretold.

Darkness wields a steady foothold, should only two destroy the throne.


Severance of the Sorcerer is the final installment of The Lost Wells Trilogy.

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March 2024
Darkness wields a steady foothold, should only two destroy the throne.”

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